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jewell – woman to woman lyrics


hmmm hmmm mmm!
ah, ah, ah, hey, oh yeah!
woman to woman, yeah!

h-llo? h-llo? may i speak to yolanda?
yeah yolanda, what’s up, this is jewell
i know you know who i am cause i just star sixty-nined you back
the reason you dialed my number, i don’t know
but ain’t no man living here, this is my place hoe
so woman to woman i didn’t think it was being anymore than fair
than for me to call you back and let you know how i was feeling
see, yolanda, the truth is i don’t give a d-mn about how you taking this
cause a real woman wouldn’t be sitting up there tryna play on n-body’s phone anyway
but it really doesn’t make any difference
i felt it was only right for me to let you know that the man you in love with
is sprung on the real bomb
from the top of his head, to the bottom of his feet
i’m what he loves, and he loves the food that he eats
you see these rings on my fingers, where are yours?
i got a brand new car and you on the bus
yolanda, check this out!

[verse 1]
woman to woman
have you ever been in love
then you would know how i feel
woman to woman
now if you were in my shoes
wouldn’t you have done the same thing too, ohh, oh!
woman to woman
can’t you see where i’m coming from
woman to woman
ain’t that the same thing you would have done
woman to woman
why should i just step aside?
and let you have what’s rightfully mineeeee!

[chorus/ woman to woman background vocals]
oh woman to woman!
woman to woman!
was i right or was i wrong?
i ain’t gone let nothing break up my happy home
now woman to woman to woman!
don’t you get yourself in trouble now!
you have to understand
i love that man, and he’s mine

[verse 2]
i’m talking to you woman to woman
now you should understand
i’d do anything to keep my man
and i ain’t gon’ give him up
i ain’t gonna, ain’t gonna, ain’t gon’ give him up no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
i’m talking to you woman to woman

woman to woman
he’s mine and i ain’t gon’ give him up
you better believe i ain’t lying
woman to woman!
i just want you to understand
i’ll do anything to keep my man!
woman, woman

[ending with drums & b-ss guitar playing]
you know-oh-oh-oh-ohh that man is mine
i ain’t gon’ give him up, oh, ah yeah
i ain’t gon’ give him up
and i ain’t gon’ let you break up my happy home…
woman to woman
woman to woman, oohh
oh i’ll do anything to keep my thing
woman to woman
i love my man, yeah, oh yeah! ooohhh, yeah!