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jgivens – july 25th and a half lyrics


i mean like the music that you and i used to listen to, uh, was absolutely phenomenal because we went through it all

gifted, unemployment, recession inflicted
beer, ebt, snapback of garage livin’
trippin’ off a little recognition from your twitter
i digitally depicted you instagrammin’ your dinner
my stomach empty, can’t stomach no more wendy’s
juan talkin’ pizza specials for $6.50
life insurance policy, family’s all shifty
pre-funerals, my insurance, probably not existing
that’s probably’s a definite, evidenced by my kidney
hospital, pharmacy, back to recordin’ with the l
while pollo locos continue to envy eagles
hotel in california, $250?
man, i’m tryna consider sparrows and lilies
and smell these roses cause moses followed the overcast
i feel like michael jackson under an overp-ss
racin’, i might call johnson to an overdraft fee
or michael myers to a beat, it might go jackson
previously the flow was bad
stressin’, plannin’ this tour with joey and givens
especially when only five or four of you know the difference between john and jeremiah
bomb and terrorize the nephilims in silence
where sirens don’t respond to the violence
oh, am i lyin’?
26th of july and my momma’s birthday’s arrivin’
the date is gradually climbin’
see on the 6th she will be three from sixty
for the last twenty-six she’s been everything her kids need
and if she don’t mind sharin’ with all you listening
i’ma go and surprise her with el v. envy