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jiggydarkskin – robin hood lyrics


robin hood
probably k!lled his mother while his father could
brother hood, got these fresh jeans now i’m looking good
always stood three steps away from gangsterism , i’m k!lling all these rappers file me for cannibalism
i got +n+lysis, working on a badder b+tch
if you think i like her then you don’t know how bad it is
i ain’t being average , i ain’t with the capping sh+t
i’m a young n+gga & you know i like to brag on dis
and you know i like to brag on this
pulling up with green & i ain’t talking bout asparagus
shawty staying with me cause she know that i’m so glamorous
plan on this, two black n+ggas smoking cannabis

automatic i’ve static , no lean addicts
other people been talking sh+t while we’ve been at it
getting high off your sh+t ? my n+gga been lacking
been stacking all of this money in a green packet
it’s a lot got my n+ggas on the plot , we don’t stop
got em walking & talking robots. don’t you think they like me ? i’m kinda a hype beast
i ain’t gonna say it twice g , most of y’all don’t like me
[and we smoking on our gas , when we at a party we puff don’t pass x2]