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jim jones – harlem shake (freestyle) lyrics


you know the rules, dipset for life, ain’t nothin’ changed
if it say harlem on it then we on it, you heard?
so when harlem shake the dice for that money, who got bank?
aye, what’s up?
you know what we finna do with this
it’s a tear down
all you f-ck n-gg-s is a double o
harlem stand up!

[verse 1]
f-ck y’all watching me for? all i do is get the bread
i’m the bomb like c4, hope y’all heard what the b-tches said
up and down like a seesaw, then hopped off and kissed the head
she came so many times i thought that b-tch had p-ssed the bed
big–ss coupe, erase the top
brand new rollie, face with rocks
she was gone off straight ciroc
then the next think you know she defaced a cop
face the c-ck, give face to c-ck
picture this, no, picture that
trust the game, b-tch, i’m hip to that
with that big body frame, put d-ck to that
whoa she start talkin’ back
you know what happens when you talkin’ back
f-ck around, be walkin’ back
treat her like a dog, caught the cat
she had the fatty, spanked that -ss and she called me daddy
made her scream, you should hear her climax
made a movie, but i ain’t imax

i’m h-lla straight, and i just got paid
i’mma hit the club and i’mma get laid
gettin’ laid gettin’ laid
i’mma hit the club and i’mma get laid

[verse 2]
go – every day is friday, cashin’ checks and gettin’ paid
if she walk by my way, that -ss as fat as gimli
plus i think i need a tutor, cl-ss in session, get your grade
and i start bustin’ at the b-tch, when it hit her face, it ricochet
park the whip, hit the shade
hopped on the d-ck when the system played
new coupe, inside the whip is suede
it’s hot outside, but my wrists is glazed
then i told her blow the gun
68, i owe you one
just like a stick-up, showed my gun
put your hands up high and show me somethin’