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jimmy luna – power ranger! (alternate version) lyrics


verse 1
i tell em to eat a d-ck quicker than trump catchin’ n-ggas at borders
i got a mental disorder or so they say
i look in the mirror askin’ like how are we gonna make a few hundreds, triple the thousands off stupid sh-t i create
ah n-gga
i’m finna take off n-gga, i wanna cake off figures
made from the shows
curvin’ groupies & hoes
and takin’ exotic trips just to make a couple of clothes
i got a couple of clones, but i ain’t one to expose
i ain’t one for the foldin’, the origami is old
annunaki the goal
i don’t f-ck with the fact that they want me to show
how i feel for the dough
why the f-ck do i have to make stupid -ss videos
with n-ggas & naked hoes for attention, that sh-t’s a dub
n-ggas go to the club, i just like makin’ songs
i don’t f-ck with the bongs, so don’t p-ss me the bowl
don’t p-ss me the dro
i don’t smoke, gotta go

got sh-t on my chest, sasori
these yt mothaf-ckas finna love my story
when ben finish this d-mn doc-mentory
i’m finna have the whole world shook, like maury
it’s been a couple years and i’m still on my f-ck sh-t
eatin’ junk food, weird names, d-ck butk-ss
h-llo mothaf-cka, hey, hi, how ya durrin’
b-tch it’s jimmy l baby, known for sippin’ on the urine

that’s another beef (uh)
what’s up with me? (uh)
why doesn’t the whole world already f-ck with me? (uh)
is it because i don’t have any cosigns, oh my
hopefully they see me off this next line, okay

i just put a pregnant b-tch inside of the trunk
i might just take her down to the river and get a hump
tyler called it a threesome, solo like “aye save me some”
now we havin’ a foursome, got a call liam neeson
hop right back in the nissan, skirted off like her clothes are
left her with runny nose, who knows if the baby still on
f-ck it, let’s pop a pill, i’m ready to sip the mud
call up my prism buds & tell em of my excursions
look at me i’m surgeon
cut her up like this verse (uh)
showed my n-ggas the photos, they said i’m f-ckin’ worse uh
maybe maybe m-maybe, the baby might still get birthed uh
we should go back and search em
see what’s goin’ on first uh
hol’ up, hol’ up— where did the fetus go?
it didn’t grow feet and go, it had to be in the womb
turns out that this hoe was alien from the go
and now we all gettin’ probed— true story that i told (uhh)

mothaf-ckas always wanted me to play the background
n-gga do i look like a background n-gga?
whyon’t you eat a d-ck?

how does that sound n-gga? x3

(uh) x3


verse 2
i just put a bullsh-t hook in between two long -ss verses if you mistook this for a song look
this is a psa
right to the usa
jimmy luna is not someone to f-ck with
we sendin’ shots at yo fitted you better duck quick (gratata)
i said it once i’m not g-y, my n-gga i suck -beep- (no h0m-)
and one day a young n-gga gone kick the bucket
knowin’ i said f-ck it & did whatever i want b-tch
maybe i should be creatin’ somethin’ you want huh?
maybe the clout is the reason i’m out of luck huh?
but if my fans said f-ck it i’m gonna shove it inside of everyone face, i might not have to give up (right?)
i got my fist in the air n-gga it’s upright
‘cuz i’m the hero, the b-ss, n-ggas is uptight
like they ain’t have the same chance to be what i’m known for
but that’s none of my business, i got some sh-t on my plate already
i don’t need another
dealin’ with fake n-ggas that call me their brother
had me a sister, she ran away for the summer soon as she got her a mister, n-gga this is not a bummer
but f-ck it, we lettin’ out all the anchors & anger
n-ggas claim they wanna fly and ain’t at the hangars
n-gga you do it or don’t, can play with yours if you want
but i’m not lettin’ emotions get in the way of the goal
f-ck what they on ‘cuz

mothaf-ckas always wanted me to play the background, n-gga do i look like a background n-gga?
won’t you eat a d-ck

how does that sound n-gga? x3

(uh) x3

(so hey, how are things with you and prism tribe going?)


verse 3 (alternate)
once upon a time there was a rapper named chozan
he left us for a girl i don’t know and
he let her talk sh-t behind my back
had the nerve to feel attacked
when we called em on his bs & wished us thee best
i guess everything comes to an end
was hurt at first but now i’m over ever being friends
‘cuz you called me your brother, use to talk for f-ckin’ hours on the phone
talkin’ bout when we get on, we would help out one another but cappin’ ain’t my forte, so take ya f-ckin’ friends back
all them fake with you ‘cept josh, matisse, & shaq
i told you i was strugglin’
you asked me for a cover then proceeded to deceive the mothaf-ckas you put under you
luna said she had my f-ckin’ back until the end
soon as sh-t had hit the fan, she unfollowed instagram
everybody turnin’ on me like i chose to be lied to
but f-ck it let the real expose itself until the sky’s blue
i didn’t ever mean for this sh-t to end crazy
and don’t get me started on that salty n-gga ag
invited to be part of somethin’ bigger than ya self
guess that n-gga thought the wealth
would come from n-ggas being lazy
won’t kick you while you down, but you said that i’m out the loop? who the f-ck was hittin’ you up tellin’ you to come thru?
move in with me & solo so we could produce the tape?
mothaf-cka you a lie and your excuses gettin’ lame
parker take that out yo bio, you ain’t former prism tribe
you resigned, don’t give a f-ck if you a girl or you a guy
don’t give a f-ck about the clout, if i see y’all then it’s cordial
if you wanna escalate it mothaf-cka then i’ll ride
i’m the most loyal n-gga that i’ve ever f-ckin’ known (right)
but these f-ckers with no morals toss our bond right to the side
if you left prism tribe then you dead to me
thank you for the good times, but it’s rest in peace