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jimmy needham – arrows lyrics


i see you hiding there
behind the orphan’s stare
every time i breathe the air
there’s no denying

from the oceans wide
to the star-filled sky
to my baby’s cry
oh, you’re everywhere

there’s nowhere i go
your glory isn’t revealed
i just look up and see it

everywhere i go i see arrows
pointing the way back to you
everything i see grabs a hold of me
leading me straight back to you

maybe plato’s right
there is more than meets the eye
what i witness with my eyes
tells a bigger story

like the serpent on the staff
like the ark that noah had
you’re painting pictures that, oh
echo your glory

when moses struck the rock
the secret was spilled
’cause the spring is jesus

make me an arrow
put me in your bow, pull back and let go
and send me wherever you want me to go
i’ll be your shadow, you lead i’ll follow you

everywhere i go i’m an arrow
leading the way back to you
in pleasure or in pain, just like sunshine and rain
i’ll be an arrow for you, i will follow you