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joan armatrading – i can’t lie to myself lyrics


why here
why now
why so early
why you getting down on me
you know you’re a
beautiful person
but just now
you bother me

it’s so coincidental
you reaching out for me
just when i got
all this money
and you
footloose and fancy free

i love you like a broth
i’ll help you find you feet
but don’t take advantage honey
your feet ain’t under me

why so tall
so young
so handsome
you get the best of me
in your eyes
i see a reflection
you the beauty i’m the beast

you got yourself a lover
can’t take for a ride
but you know i love you honey
i cannot lie

you want some money
kiss and cuddle too
take it all now baby
it’s always been for you

i can’t lie to myself