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joe budden – i’m serious (long way to go) lyrics


“i’m serious (long way to go)”
(feat. mr. probz)

[intro – joe budden – talking]
ya mean? (my n-gg-z, uh)
uh, talk to ’em

[dj on point – talking over intro/chorus]
(this sh-t right here is called long way to go)
featuring mr. probz
shout out to soulsearchin’ on the beat

[chorus – mr. probz – w/ ad libs]
feet are tired and the pain shows
it’s such a long way to go now, such a long way to go
gotta be strong by myself now, such a long road
my soul’s so cold, weak in all my bones
but i gotta work hard just to reach my goals
such a long way to go, so many miles left but i’m here now, yeah

(dj on point)

[verse 1 – joe budden]
yo, yo, please lord somethin gotta give (dog)
they say for every negative, there’s a positive (dog)
but i ain’t positive, for every buck deposited (dog)
we still in the hood, livin like hostages and never mind colleges
school of hard knocks scholarship, dealin with politics
i would just sell success in the store, if i could bottle it
but, i ain’t a millionaire, won’t see me in forbes son
life is like a (beach chair), when you can afford one (oh!)
ruger loaded, just in case the war come
might as well, everything is comin to the forefront
need a clear head just to think
and f-ck a (drink n my 2 step) n-gg-, i’m two steps from a drink
the pressure either bust pipes or it make diamonds
no matter how high up the mountain, i stay climbin
freedom i keep chancin (oh)
so if i fall like beyonce, i just get back up and keep dancin

[chorus – w/ ad libs]

(yo mouse, talk to ’em)

[break – joe budden]
never been a goal that i couldn’t reach (uh)
never been a lesson i couldn’t teach
i done been through the world and back
f-ck school, i got all the facts
all i do is stand tall (stand tall)
when they got my back against the wall
when it’s game time, all we do is ball
my n-gg-z’ll be here in one call (one call), one call (one call)
when sh-t get heavy, all i do is pick up the phone
ain’t gotta go through nothin alone
when sh-t get heavy, all i do is pick up the phone
ain’t gotta walk through this world alone, if i’m on my own

[break 2 – mr. probz]
keep on standin on my own two feet
everytime that i cry, when i sweat, when i bleeeeed
see nothin can stop me, no nothin except meeeee

[chorus – w/ ad libs]

[verse 2 – joe budden]
uh, let me talk to ’em real quick, la-look, look
i’m chasin after pies with bags under my eyes
you lookin at my representative mask, it’s a disguise
and i don’t do things like i used to
the past is the past (but i’m), i’m presently thinkin about the future
certain n-gg-z bettin i fall
i’m speed joggin through the quicksand, i’m jugglin three medicine b-lls
see i’m comin up, used20to share a room with two cellmates
now i tower over the devil but this ain’t “h-ll date”
long way to go, i see my feet gettin blisters
i dare ’em talk to me like mike richards
or play don imus and think it’s cool to disrespect our sisters
i guess we got a while ‘fore they actually get the picture
i think about virginia tech, think about katrina
n-gg-z that caught sean bell slippin with the nina
a day before the wedding, safety off the weapon
though all these things play in my head, i keep steppin (oh!)

[chorus – w/ joe budden ad libs]

[outro – joe budden – talking]
that on top music!
naw mean?
uh, a uh, uh, joey
team jump off
oh, uh, you in that?

[dj on point – talking over outro]
shout out to
my n-gg- burr, roundtable management
can’t forget my n-gg- lrm, follow the future