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joell ortiz – brooklyn (remix) lyrics


brooklyn (remix)
(feat. cashmere, maino, solomon, big daddy kane)

[joell ortiz (solomon):]
7-1-8, yeah (brooklyn!)
that’s the borough that be havin dudes tuck in they jewels and all that
word? (brooklyn!)
top model, y’all make it (brooklyn!)
we’ll take it, c’mon brooklyn (brooklyn!)

ortiz, my whole aura is (brooklyn!)
if i could do it over again i’ll be from (brooklyn!)
dudes don’t do it like dudes do it in (brooklyn!)
d sets, a-team, y’all remember (brooklyn!)
shorties be really ridin to me, they see the (brooklyn!)
swagger, lights, cameras, action go (brooklyn!)
bandannas, g-ngb-ngers flagged up in (brooklyn!)
banana clips hang from mad guns in (brooklyn!)
yo’ gutta is gutta but yo’ gotta ain’t (brooklyn!)
yo’ hood is hood but yo’ hood ain’t (brooklyn!)
yo’ slum is slum but yo’ slum ain’t (brooklyn!)
my block is real cause my block’s in (brooklyn!)
my glock’ll peel your top back in (brooklyn!)
my pops had pills so my pops is (brooklyn!)
every street {what} avenue, boulevard in (brooklyn!)
mi gente, y’all know i rep this hard in (brooklyn!)

[cashmere (solomon):]
uhhh, yeah
cashmere, y’all know that i’m from (brooklyn!)
sutter ave., linden plaza, that’s (brooklyn!)
cypress hill’s, p.h.’s (brooklyn!)
whatever n-gg-z make, we take, that’s (brooklyn!)
you n-gg-z know we keep it live in (brooklyn!)
sn-tchin n-gg-z chains since ’85, that’s (brooklyn!)
king do tut, they made a name in (brooklyn!)
big jay-z, them kings reign in (brooklyn!)
lil’ kim, foxy got they fame from (brooklyn!)
n-gg-z gettin robbed in the tunnel, gotta be (brooklyn!)
shots fired after the club done, that’s (brooklyn!)
upstate fed time full of n-gg-z from (brooklyn!)
juniors, albee square mall, that’s (brooklyn!)
timberland, champion hoodies, now that’s (brooklyn!)
had n-gg-z skatin out empire in (brooklyn!)
dollar signs, j. ortiz, now that’s (brooklyn!)

[maino (solomon):]
yo, it’s my hood, it’s only one king from (brooklyn!)
maino baby, my name ring in (brooklyn!)
you could get your jewelry took dawg in (brooklyn!)
ask steph, we still got your chain in (brooklyn!)
it’s a few dudes can’t come back to (brooklyn!)
heard lil’ cease did some rattin in (brooklyn!)
no stringin gates [?], i brought it back to (brooklyn!)
run up on dudes with the mac in (brooklyn!)
we got crack and dope spots in (brooklyn!)
come through, post on your block in (brooklyn!)
don’t act like we don’t pop in (brooklyn!)
you’ll get done like [gun c-cks] (brooklyn!)
hustle hard, i started a gang in (brooklyn!)
bring mya through, let her hang in (brooklyn!)
them dirty money n-gg-z think they claimin (brooklyn!)
but them n-gg-z is a bunch of lames from (brooklyn!)

[big daddy kane (solomon):]
uh-huh, and y’all know the livest was yet be from (brooklyn!)
but best believe ya status, the vet be from (brooklyn!)
them cats that be movin the weight be from (brooklyn!)
the kid shootin hoops in the crate be from (brooklyn!)
boost the b-tches that ain’t f-ckin is (brooklyn!)
them n-gg-z to call to chain tuckin is (brooklyn!)
the cools that’ll chase your ride, now that’s (brooklyn!)
young chicks that braid too tight, now that’s (brooklyn!)
you hear places that get busy in (brooklyn!)
staircases stay p-ssy in (brooklyn!)
the projects with a loft get sparked kid in (brooklyn!)
prospect to talkers, park kid (brooklyn!)
the streets where the grimiest pop kid (brooklyn!)
chicken wings from the chinese spot, sh-t (brooklyn!)
with big drinkin kane in the front (brooklyn!)
and out-of-town n-gg-z claimin they from (brooklyn!)