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joey mcintyre – the difference lyrics


“the difference”

i always knew the sun
was shining but i never
felt it shine on me
i always knew the birds
could sing but i never
heard the melody
everytime i saw a chance
i would turn
and walk away
the colors of my day
were toned to blue and grey
was lost in a world that
was all just “ok”

and the difference is you
everything in my life
feels a little bit clearer
the difference is you
now i like what i see
when i look in the mirror
the difference is
while some people
look for the answer
i don’t waste my time
like i used to do
oh no
the difference is you

i always thought i had it all
but i only had a little piece
i always thought i knew
but never understood
was hiding in the shadows
of doubt too afraid of
the bigger things
was going though
the motions
living half asleep
was lost in a world it
was all just “ok”

[repeat chorus]

every morning
when i wake up
i feel better
(oh ya)
you helped me say it
“never say never”
cos my life was good
but you made it great
it was so worth the wait
all i know is….

[repeat chorus]