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joey richter – status quo lyrics


it starts with not questioning the answers
and giving up before you’ve begun

it locks all the doors, increases the pressure
and in a flash
your time is up before it’s done

and you won’t know
how it can feel
to feel at all
so i say
to status quo
who wants to be like the rest
and deny the best that i’m meant for?

i will show
the status quo
[joe, dylan & brian]


who cares about normal?
i’ll never conform
i will be content to resent the status quo

i kick down the walls around me

they don’t know how strong i am

[dylan & brian]
i’m not defined by boundaries
they could never understand

i’m so much –

than status quo

forget about being
another pipe dreamer
stuck on the bottom floor

and i know

it’s time to –

so maybe i’ve gotten everything
that i wanted but i think that
i might have made it so
when i said “no, no, no”
to status quo…

[joey, spoken]
thank you, new york city…

i am a starship ranger
i’m gonna do everything i can
to always be a starship ranger

it’s everything
it’s everything
i am!


[dylan, spoken]
thank you!

[joe, spoken]
thank you, everybody!