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joey vantes – hussle lyrics


[verse: joey vantes]
if you want it go and get it, ain’t n-body gon’ give it to you
hustle ’til you make it, that’s the only thing i know what to do
they fight you for position, i don’t want no part of that (yeah)
they hook around your nose, that’s the best as i smell it, yet (mm-hmm)
i came up out the gutter on my own two feet (on two)
i can’t depend on no other man, to let my family eat (uh, huh)
see, i remember those days, havin’ no hot water (yeah)
eviction notice on my left, and on my right is my daughter (real)
hold the tens back, immune to all the gun claps
workin’ out the kitchen, make a bundle, then i flip it back (woah)
yeah, i decided to flip the grind
i knew that i could make more switchin’ the lines for lines, crimes for dimes
you gon’ see me up on the signs, catch a grammy real soon, go ahead and stamp the time, i said it
uh, and don’t you ever forget it, i’m bout to lead the generation through the gates of heaven
feel like every v right now, i motivate the streets
watchin’ people go to college just to make ends meet
a 9 to 5, it’s a jive, homie, it ain’t me
at the age of 23, started my llc
i’m breakin’ records everyday, and i’m like: “who help me?”
only god and my queen, some arabian beans, to keep me up
late night, so i can map the scene
i wrote a plan and i’ve been carvin’ out the path for me
see i’ma be around, it’s bigger than rap for me
i wanna see my people rise, on the back of me
and i don’t care if they never make a stat for me
save the roses for the celebration after me, joey

[chorus: joey vantes]
save your rose, ’til i go fly high
til’ i go fly high, yeah
i’m alive, i’ma keep grinding ’til i die, yeah
yeah, yeah
i hussle, hussle, hussle
yeah, yeah
i got to get it with my own two (with my own two)
with my own two (yeah)
with my own two (with my own two)

[outro: joey vantes]
when i talk about the hustle, when i talk about the grind
there’s a couple things that come to mind, you know?
first off, you gotta wake up every day intentionally
work to become the best version of you
second thing is, it’s not about being busy, it’s about being productive
and the final piece, to me, is knowing god personally
they say it’s not about, you know, what you know but who you know
and i couldn’t agree with that more
’cause a man can only get you so far, but when you know god
he’ll have those same [?] open doors for you, without you having to be thirsty to get them open
so you’ll not only walk into your destiny, but you’ll get there with dignity
that’s the kind of hustle i want