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joeygotthestrap – me,myself,and $ lyrics


its me, myself and i
yea im in love wit that money
new b-tch and new car
rolex on my arm
your girl know who we are
we ride in foreign cars x2

me and the money x2
im stacking this money f-ck n-gg-s really looking so b-mmy
if he ain’t wit the shits then f-ck n-gg- get from me
new whip and a new b-tch 10 grand thats new rich
fast lane i do switch im riding off in that rover
told my old b-tch it was over
smoke gas never sober that good gas smell that odor
that fast car hear that motor vet lungs like smoker
i get high as f-ck is the motive
stop fronting n-gg- you ain’t toting
the guns get the blowing
these hoes get to going
i kick her out in the morning
gave you b-tch n-gg-s a warning
these bullets get the swarming
got day day , justin, and mike know he toting
the bomb weed be potent x2
im counting these commas x2
im counting in slow motion