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john gorka – the sentinel lyrics


francis called me joe
but that is not my name
i told him what it really was
but he lost it just the same
when they made the francis plan
they took too much off the top
the sentinel of seneca, the 800 block

he would scare the kids
and the would run away
till they found he was one of them
though he was big and gray

already 55
he dressed as though he cared
he wore his time out on the block
beneath his close cut hair
he always had a word
for anyone who stopped
the sentinel of seneca, the 800 block

he’d say you can’t part there
and strangers they would go
they would do just what he said
because they didn’t know

francis lived alone
and that’s the way he died
i wonder if they’ll need a guard
on the other side
some people roam the world
to make some kind of change
the parking up on seneca, will never be the same

they say he got a job
on some other hill
and if you don’t miss him
i know the neighbors will

(repeat 1st verse)