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john mcvie – you left me lonely lyrics


l. thomas/d. walker
i don’t want your roses
it’s too late to sweet talk now
no use you coming round no more
cause this old flame went out
you left me alone and going out of my head
but a woman left needing more
can be so easily mislead
you just left me lonely
you just left me lonely for so long
a woman like me can’t be left waiting
waiting on a man forever gone
so much promise in your words
so much fire in your eyes
so much hunger when you kissed me
back then
but you let love fall from oh so high
you left me needing more
and someone new came along
and an empty heart, an empty heart
cannot be that strong
repeat chorus
i hear a different drummer now
i’m dancing to a different beat
i’ll find a man who will stay at home for me
and never play me cheap
your love became a lesson
just a sad memory
so i’ll let go of the dreams
i had for you and me
repeat chorus