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john valby – eat bite lyrics


well, i went to a party
and what did they do?
they took off their socks
and they took off there shoes,
they took off their coats,
and they took off their pants.
i had a hunch,
they weren’t gonna dance.
oh, eat-bite-f-ck-suck-gobble-nibble-chew,
moose-p-ss, cat-pud, orangutan-t-t,

purple headed, cherry poppin, tea baggin b-tch
pink puckered pun-tang lyin in a ditch
-ss plowin’ p-ssy chowin, wife sloppin huggy
you ball lappin sl-t sword swallow my chubby
she was workin on a wiener with her 2 big toes
she had one up her -ss and one under her nose
she grapped two more and stuck em in her ears
she’ll said i’ll make em all come while i’m chuggin this beer