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johnny cypher – finding the formula lyrics


who, who am i? why am i rapping?
overlapping my lyrics to experimental patterns
i’m like a captain with a crew outgrew without practice
i’m very compassionate comparison to crew with a captain
i’m all about sp+ce time, politics and energy
not gonna waste time bothering with policy
green deal [?] and all of the other contributions
[?] spreading no models is not improving
[?] many situation
so from january we will accept the information
just keep inflation by deflate the population’s imagination
generating medication for the zombies that created
i know some of the zombies, they’re not [?] dead
they’re just akin to people that agree with what bill o’reilly said
or take the standard that they just don’t care
the formula to think is separating us from them
alright so let me get a landline fixed in your head
a newer power [?]
we are a mobile people growing out of control
lonely species ignoring the f+cking world as a whole
we are young in knowledge but we are leaning on a fantasy
[?] blips [?] capacity
but in reality more than half of us are asleep
dream of self+importance and holding onto a belief of achieving our goals before we grow old
to being remembered to having our stories told
but despite all of our little imaginary differences
each one of us living out of subconscious existence
it’s time we all are question all the bigger public questions
but truth is complicated so we turn to a suggestion
the better of us only formulated opinions
we do not believe in a god and do not believe in a coincidence
this is everything that does and doesn’t happen for a reason
when you [?] leaving the thoughts of jesus
we are just another generation gladly erasing all of the mistakes of our previous generations
psychologically it’s [?] fact of the matters and helping us move past the cynical [?]
the most intelligent species to exist today on earth must [?] mediocrity of its wealth
the most advanced beings in all recorded history must admit that life is still a mystery
but when we’re alive and we’re living in the now
let’s update all the people onto thinking, lay the law down
no, i can’t tell you all the answers and
i will not stand here telling you what to think
but if we don’t lighten the load of stupidity, the boat that we’re riding on is destined to sink

see an individual label, it is easy to get lost
conforming to society when it’s just a compost
mainly because the majority of the audience is at the freak show
separate the group into a revolutionary free+for+all
just to make important little differences the beginning of things
hoping that the pitiful action make you consider for change
hoping that humanity will listen and wake up
forget that when you’re down you are forgotten, straight up
there’s not enough of us singing the songs of freedom
there’s not enough of us singing redemption songs
maybe the hippy movement was another underachievement
but what was it that we’re saying that was really that wrong?
i talk about a formula
i talk about a process to find facts
that’s how we see problems and how we perceive the past
can you see the world on a base level?
able to look past all the produced labels
see the facts and question what is published
or do you value popular opinion over knowledge?