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johnny drama – my mama wanna flex lyrics


ooh (x3)
drama, ooh
flexin’ with my mama
tryna bring my mom to chanel
eh, ooh, ooh
tryna bring my mom out to chanel
yeah, shout out $tash man
relax gang
shout out mad man

they be like we love all your songs young drama
only girl i’m tryna flex with is my mama
tryna hit chanel with my mama
i might have her feeling like madonna

[verse 1]
gotta get a check cause my mama wanna flex
i might f-ck around teach my brother to finesse
imma young dog. and girl i need a vet
i might take yo’ money
take yo’ p-ss in a sec
ooh, i just called up my connect
jumped right out the back
girl i’ll be back in a sec
know i’m with relax gang, girl i gotta rep
i be with margiela gang girl just watch my steps
i be smashing way too long, need to take a breath
i feel like i’m birdman cause you know i need respect
they be like drama can you come out to the west coast, west coast
know i got them chains on, boy my neck cold
all these women on me, it never gets old
no matter what these rappers do, they never get close
riding with my new b-tch, and we sing goals
can’t you see us riding in ferrari’s
living crazy my ma had to call me
living crazy my ma tried to stop me
showed her i could do it, now she got me, got me
i got a lot of people tryna knock me (god d-mn)
and a lot of people tryna stop me (god d-mn)
you gon’ have to try hard to stop me
i got a spanish b-tch, call me papi
i one night her -ss like lil yatchy
feel like [?] audi
sipping champagne not bacardi
but these b-tch on bacardi
drama got that heat like i’m a saudi
got the squad around, you try to harm me
i got a model girl that tryna charm me


boy i’m tryna flex with my mama
i’m tryna flex with my mama
boy i’m tryna flex with my mama
we might grab the tech and start drama