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johnny jc – open letter freeverse lyrics


verse 1 [johnny jc]
tired of these half -ss promoters
you tell me one thing make sure you uphold it
or i blow it lose fuse in the room
bad news you just lost ya nose and ya tooth
homie told me 30 mins but he gave me 5
stupid b-tch he’s lucky that he’s still alive
your outta luck when the lights dim
only thing you see is when my tim
hit ya chin

time to change the subject
got the fans like who’s next is going to f-ck with
well me i’m usually quiet
till i find someone who’s basicly f-cking lying
im tired of the bullsh-t
all you swag swag rappers need to suck a d-ck
please quit cuz the game don’t need it
and you blowin up i really don”t see it

please do us all a favor
either really start rapping
or start waiting tables
cuz you ain’t k!llin my culture
hip hop where i live i will roast ya
so you can take your lil b sh-t
right up here man we don’t need no weak sh-t
all you tight pant wearin f-gs
that ain’t swag thats wantin d-ck inside ya -ss