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jon courtenay – there was a man lyrics


there was a man who had a dream
that simon cowell and his team
would watch him play piano and try to slay them
on the stage of the palladium
and in the time that one song took
david would write another book
alesha would smile at him
amanda would be kind to him
simon’s t++th would be blinding him (if he were smiling)
but nothing now could ever spoil
the dream he dreamed like susan boyle
(plays a brief phrase from “i dreamed a dream”)
the fact is, he never thought he’d ever get to be
in front of millions of people, doing his thing on tv
thirty years of playing in piano bars and pubs
dodging glasses when they’re thrown, being thrown out of clubs
when his children asked, “daddy, when you coming home?
this game is not the same when you’re just daddy on the phone.”
so he sits at the piano and he tries to get prepared
thinking he’ll write it in third person so he doesn’t feel as scared
to sing about himself to a bunch of strangers in the dark
but then, britain has got talent, and he wants to make his mark

paul potts won the first year, and said it was insane
the second year george sampson won, singing in the rain
(plays a few notes from “singin’ in the rain”)
lost voice guy, season 12
and last year colin thackery
so why not me?
yeah, that’s what he said, his youngest boy one night in bed:
“dad, why not you?
go and show them what you do
and even though you’ll be a wreck
at least you’ll meet ant and dec.”

and he thinks on stage at this stage of his life
with an expensive mortgage and a pensive wife
his youngest son alfie says “what’s it all about?”
if he had any hair left he’d pull it out
his teenage son said, “unnhhh, mnnhhh.”
his dad taught him to play piano, but he didn’t live to see
his son at the famous theater performing on tv
if he didn’t see it through, imagine how sad
the look on the faces of both his lads
who always tell him
“you’re the greatest showman, dad.”

(plays the intro to “this is me”)

and they’ll see me
on bgt
no more third person, just daddy

this is me