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jon young – dance floor lyrics


if you can do it like you do it on the dance floor
i ain’t eva eva eua let you go
no more waitin shawty
(put it on me)

if you can do it like you do it on the dance floor
i ain’t eva eva eva let you go
no mo waitin shawty
come on and put it on me

[verse 1 – jon young]
shawty put it down on the floor like pro never really seen till i got bo fo,
the way she got low i can never swear she was sitting,
underneath there where i want to be gettin, she’s so smooth like b-tter on hot bread.
shawty thinking like whats she like in the bed.
vision in my head thats around like a sugarplum.
i can’t wait till the moment that she puts it on,
i real really want to dip out a year let me know if thats cool.
i gotta know what i’m seeing is for real and there’s only one way to really find out if it’s real.


[verse 2 – j. cash]
no lie i’m hypnotized by your moves in my mind what we can do late night yea year miss the round to come without your clothes without menaless and nice to conversatin about working my tatoos rub it on your arms and your body feel so smooth and we do it from the left to right,
while i whisper in your ear all the things we can do tonight.
i see you smilling it’s ok let your mind wonder.
i got a few things but let my self ponder.
can you work it just the same, when we all alone,
cause honestly girl you got my mind blowing you just moan as you just back it up on me and i’m thinkin about what we goin to see.
it’s goin to be so amazing even breath taking wanna know how i know it.
(it’s got your baby shaking)
i can’t take it i wanna know now.
can you do it just when the lights all the way down,
can you grind, can we make you so happy,
can you move up and down like you do when you’re pole dancing, is it true?
i gotta find out now.
so i can know what you’re just all about now and if it is you ain’t ever going be lonely, so more waiting,
shawty put it on me.