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jonathan dale – out of my head lyrics


out of my head
written by: khara lord and kandace ferrel
verse 1
you walk into the room, time stops every time i see you
you don’t know me, and i don’t even know you but i want too
you could be all i’ve waited for and you could break my heart

and i, i’m so scared to do this again
and i, i’m just not sure that i can
feels like i’m falling for, even if i could,
keep you out of my heart
i can’t get you out of my head
verse 2
i see you lookin at me, i wonder what you’re really thinking
if, you could just walk through my heart you’d know exactly what i feeling
i could be all you’ve waited for, and i could break your heart

chorus 1x

all i can do, is think of you, all of the time
should i play it cool, or lay it all on the line

chorus 2 x’s

(jonathan dale from cmts can you duet 1st runner up duo; jb rocket- jonathan dale’s debut solo alb-m; love luck and leaving is now available on itunes)