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jordan knight – inside lyrics



did it give you the impression,
that it was over between you and me
cause i’m feeling the rejection,
but your not gonna make me leave

girl your hiding your emotions,
but i know your vulnerabilities.
won’t you let me pull you closer,
let me be the man you need.

baby show me what your feeling
baby please let down your guard
if you take that chance, if you let me in
girl i’ll take care of your heart

cause i wanna give you my love
and i wanna give you my mind
girl your the only one i want in my life
and i wanna give you my heart
baby, i’m gonna make it right
if you let me get inside
girl, i’m gonna give my all
i’m never gonna leave your side
no you won’t have to worry this time
cause i wanna give my heart
baby, i’m gonna make it right
if you let me get inside

you try to avoid another heartache
cause past relationships were full of pain
you don’t want no disappointments
so you’d rather play it safe

i’m not like the other guys that you’ve been with before
coming in and out your life like a revolving door
said i’m beating steady girl
so don’t be afraid to let me near your heart

[repeat hook than chorus]

put away your shield
take down your walls
don’t complicate a thing that should be simple
but your wasting time,
cause i want you now
baby, let me inside

[repeat chorus]

[repeat hook]