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jordeezy – “thaa mobb lyrics


yo thaa mob finna show niggas how to rob/
you need a job cause this shit ain’t cutting it/
tha mob gon rob your wallet gon leave you hanging/
this thing gon be crashing into ya like a retro/
gon start a mob on these streets we fear no one/
makin a million dollars to keep it real up in this b-tch/
i be rich like a b-tch i be chillin like ric flair gon tear it up/
tha mob gon go out on that pink syrup this club rockin/
stay flocking to the crowd cheers to the douchebag/
deuces to the baddest b-tch in the strip club rollin her hips/
she wit the shits wanna get her whips out twirling that -ss/
tha mob rap with that gas mask drank til i blackout doubt/
your crowd ain’t feelin your style cause you just plain stupid/
don’t test the kid unless you wanna get shot in ya head til it drain/
ya be on the hate train tryna stop me from shining til i die/
you just mad you be sounding dry like you from the deserted area/
never run your mouth cause it’ll get blown out from my bl–dy nine/
you get my -ss fined cause you can’t handle a nigga like myself/
tells you wasn’t made for this spot cause it you not that hot dropping music/
i fucks wit her thick hips n thighs she tryna surprise a nigga wit her mouth/
she knows how to swallow like a water gun tha mob shows her fun/