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joseph arthur – humanity fade lyrics


humanity fade

we are connected to the main frame
connected to the wire
connected to the human brain
of roses and fire

we are connected to cyber sp-ce
connected to death
the only thing we never feel
is the weight of our breath

out here in the country
with the night coming on
connected now to nothing
like dogs in a storm

apocalypse is coming
here come the undead
marching in chaos
like the thoughts in your head

we are connected to the main frame
with our souls plugged in
our spirits are now digital
we were electrical skin

we are figments of the internet
it’s hand reaching out
bleeding through our eyes
in the heart of our drought
rob from always on the run is so bad and copy paste is a sin
the desert here is empty
our cure is disease
our god is on a screen
the sky on its knees

the rain of pollution
the fog of ideas
there is no absolution
just crocodile tears

here comes the revolution
no army to beat
no big bomb exploding
or cyanide to eat

computer domination
a world without bounds
a soul in mutilation
like the silence of sounds

here come the revolution
electronically made
the death of evolution
the humanity fade
humanity fade
humanity fade