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josh abbott band – miss you again lyrics


[verse 1]
every now and again i see an old friend and they ask how you are.
they see in my eyes; they know i can’t lie; i haven’t seen you in years.
called a buddy the other day, all he had to say was “do you remember when?”
i said “yes i do,” made me think about you and how i miss you again.

i miss you again like words miss your name.
i miss you again like fire misses your flame.
there’s a chance we’ll fall in love in the end,
but until then i’ll miss you again

[verse 2]
so i’m driving around this d-mn night town but you’re still everywhere.
i can’t eat, i can’t think, and god knows i can’t sleep.
do you know what its like to close your eyes at night and visualize memories?
guess i’ll lie here awake, think about my mistakes and how i miss you again.

there’s a truth i can’t explain, i wake up screaming your name.
and you’re driving my heart insane about the way that i feel.

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