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joshua powell - coffin club lyrics


[chorus 1]
tell me what you know, punk
(let me hit save)
join the spirit wave
shacked up in the coffin club

{verse 1}
you’re a disappearing act
with a werewolf mouth
l!cking your bl++dy snout
still looking somehow appealing

on our cemetery stroll
we can pick plots out
and prattle on about
whether our lives had any meaning

[chorus 2]
but this is how we grow up
to make pretty sick graves
with intermittent games
in a black truck to the coffin club

[verse 2]
grab a shovel and a coat
it’s cold outside
we’ve gotta make good time
if the ground’s to keep from freezing
cause the displaced earth
from the hole you dug
is the entry fee
for the coffin club
we have solid oak
we have good white pine
you go pick out yours
and i’ll pick out my mine
when the kids back home
on the seance beat
try to conjure us
we’ll be soft and sweet
cause we’re missing you
and we love you lots
but you’re buried too
it’s just a bigger box

pick up your spade and dig

[chorus 3]
tell me what you know now, love
it’s the last days
we’re on the spirit wave
back up in the coffin club

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