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jozi – gotta keep it going lyrics


hook 3x
gotta keep it going (3x)
gotta, gotta, keep it going

this is for my people hustling on the corner
out of breath, running, chasing that paper
for my people on the grind, on that 9 to 5
working hard every day, just to stay alive

verse 1
seen many different faces,and many different ages
seen many different phases, so many different places
seen many different cries, through many different minds
there’s so much to see, we’re looking through us in a different eye
seen many people struggle, seen many people hustle
seen many people flossing, but they ain’t seeing nothing
seen many people walking, like they looking for something
so many different people talking, but they ain’t talking for nothing
it don’t matter where you’re from, but only where you’re going
‘cos only where you going, can determine where you’re from
and i know that when we going, if it wasn’t for where we from
we probably wouldn’t be growing, or shining like the sun

repeat chorus

repeat hook

verse 2
woke up this early morning, thinking about the grind
how we gon stay ahead, can’t afford to fall behind
my mama always told me, when i was a little child
you gotta keep it going, son, so get off your big behind
keep it going, even though you know you’ve had enough
‘cos you’ll never know what’s easy, until you’ve had it tough
i guess in life, you have to keep it short, just to make it longer
and what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger
when the going is tough, you gotta keep pushing
let no one bring you down, only you know what you doing
the motherland has spoken, it’s up to you to teach
so we can make a difference, and we can live in peace

repeat chorus
repeat hook
repeat chorus
repeat hook

i like the finest things in life
i want the finest chic by my side
got a shot-gun in my ride, my ride

repeat chorus
repeat hook
repeat chorus
repeat hook till fade
finest things in life
finest chick by my side