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jqw – heatwaves lyrics


i have terms to pr+nounce but its useless
public only hearkens to vip with a blue check
since when has real become a man who use tecs
and weird and corny to those who get the youth set
only thing i got in my pockets is two cents
if i give it to you will you spend it or you use it
to your advantage
later on rainy days
’cause two honest abe’s
could help you escape the maze
people go through a phase to do whatever that pays
or grab a medication to fit inside of the stage
of rebellious ways
quit it while you’re ahead
from fun to rehab; to stone cold and dead
you can’t tell an addict to just stop the coke
can’t tell the depressed to finish on feelin’ broke
it’s all a mind state; of need
the mind; can make you feel great
or feed; decline
out wishing death no caution
twitter and the gram got all of the dogs barkin’
scrutinize your kisser and fingers they hold power
being too bold could lead you into the coffin
all the high tec and pivot on all the wealth
interruption to reality and to building yourself
the brain wasn’t create for one man to use
over all the betrayal our power we won’t lose
i can’t stand heatwaves outside
and i can’t keep tame the flames inside
for sure x3 (x2)

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