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jrftw – why lyrics


why is everybody so fake
why is everybody full of hate
why can’t we just get along
where did we all go wrong

true friends will stab you in the front
try to pull off it off like a stunt
why are some people like clouds
cause life gets brighter when they’re gone

why can’t i just move on
so long the ones i knew been gone
not physically but mentally
felt long ago, maybe an eternity
sh+ts been backing up
people been acting up
my limits past the maximum
maybe i just need a sanatorium

or a f+cking cleanse from life
hopefully it gets better in the afterlife
scary thought ain’t it?
what comes next?

is everything you’ve done worth it in the end
but when’s the end?
is it slowly creeping up and a approaching us
was it all a dream? are we blind or even bliss?