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juan pablo – hues lyrics


i ain’t gonna lie, baby, i was suicidal
in my mind, i knew i was always gonna lose (gonna lose you)
never had a father figure or an idol
never the saw the world from different point of views (point of views)
trapped inside our little bubble, so deceitful
never had love, but it’s all we really knew (all we knew)
had the chance to see things with an eyeful of different colors, saturated by the hues (by the hues)
and now the palettes gone
and now the days are young, i’m (there’s no more you)
looking at our masterpiece
i know you weren’t the one (no more hues)
but the gr-ss ain’t green yet, sky ain’t blue
but this pink distraction (is my hue)
lead to push a kid on swing set
i’m 18 too, but i can’t imagine
(a world in hues/a life with you)
(a world in hues/a life with you)