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jubilee valley – the valley // denise 25 lyrics


the valley:


yeah yeah yeah yeah

[verse 1: jubilee valley]
oh my god i love her, she the one that’s in my dreams
i only think of you when i’m tucked in my sheets, like
ooo the way she kisses, how she do her makeup
wishing i could have you, these regrets are hard think of
i might be in love, she tough with it, rough i ain’t no scrub
she won’t give me up, her job got working its barley enough
i want her, them eyes i stare
she just finesse, and i’m like burlesque cause i ain’t gone share
i know, i know, that you willing, you bad, and you thinking you grown
she calling my phone, i thought that i loved it but boy was i wrong
i’m feeling you now and when you come over you won’t leave me alone, i’m falling down victim, the way she be smelling, it’s turning me on
i told you come home, and if it’s an issue you know we both grown, she told me she hates me and she wishes i would just get out her phone
i’m stuck in it though i can’t help myself no, i’m stuck in her love
the way she was grinding she having me thinking l’ll never go home

cause i know, how this goes, how this goes, yeah
and you know how i roll, how i roll, uh

cause i ain’t the one, girl i ain’t the one, you tripping you dumb. but i ain’t the one, i’m not for the fun, i thought we were done
but it’s just begun, and i ain’t the one, i ain’t the one
no i ain’t the one, i’m finished in done, no i ain’t the one (2x)

i know you be tripping when you see me with them women, girl they bout it, girl they bout it
you know i be tripping when i see you with them n-ggas girl they bout it, girl they bout it (2x)

she gone ride, but ju get fly
why won’t you take this flight girl?
won’t you take this flight girl?

take, take this flight
you talk about me girl, cause ju don’t have the time
say that you’ll go nowhere, say that it all be fine
you talk about me girl, say that it all be mine
say you won’t go nowhere, say you won’t go nowhere

denise 25:

[verse 1:]

shawty leave me lone, leave me lone
i was thinking bout the ways that you did me
so now i’m on my own, on my own
counting hundreds after hundreds and some fifty’s
run another check for the best, f-ck my ex and i’m feeling kind’ve nifty
but you like, you gone bring up the past when we ride
well i lied, i done been through it all testified, trying to swear that i’m not that guy, and i was trying to have you for the night
but i’ll take the l for the night, if you lean back down on my side
if you look a young man in the eyes, tell me now it’ll be alright