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judgement of yesterday – will they assume lyrics


the real you is not a puppet which life pushes around
the real deep down you is the whole universe
you are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that the wave is something that the whole ocean is doing

[verse 1]
gotta stop, why do i keep holding emotions?
why do i treasure them often?
i seek the questions i know though
i seek the answers they won’t show
my bad, i guess i’m not myself
i’m just reflecting what they are, to myself
hold up, what the h-ll i’m doing to myself?
oh no, no, no, no

so i really got to change now
but i don’t know if it’s meant to, no
i know
so i really changed myself to
but that ain’t mean that it’s certain
for that worth, for that worth

yeah, it’s so ironic, we used to sing our favorite songs together like that one
and especially these phrases like this (stop thinking, stop)
“love me better
kiss me back
listen more
love me better
kiss me back
listen more
back, listen more, love me better, kiss me back, listen more”
(trust me, she doesn’t loves you, she doesn’t)
i should get drunk