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juice wrld – 30 hours (freestyle) lyrics


enviyon on the mix
baby lion goes
where the islands go

[verse 1]
none of these motherf-ckers could touch me
i don’t give a f-ck if you think you could
i’ll still beat your -ss like you from another hood
still smokin’ woods, still givin’ b-tches wood
in a wishin’ well ’cause i still wish a n-gga would
hah, you ain’t sh-t to a boss
rev her up like an engine until it give her exhaust
all these rappers i’m k!lling, i’m turning into a villain
my nina be a h-rny b-tch the way i’m getting her off
randy moss for your boy how i’m pickin’ ’em off
i’m pickin’ ’em out, these other n-ggas chickenin’ out
i’m chewin’ ’em up, pause, then i’m spittin’ ’em out
i’m bein’ general, don’t make me start singlin’ out
first thing’s first, b-tch, keep my name out your mouth
before the doctor have to take your f-ckin’ brain out your mouth
i may just show up to your next concert with a ak
just to see what all that f-ckin’ hype is about
now it’s blood on my louis v’s
bad b-tch like my clothes, came from overseas
ex-girl gettin’ mad, said she over me
knowin’ d-mn well that i’m still in them ovaries
b-tch, please, i see bullsh-t around me
hoes tryna clown me
as soon as i get money, i bet them b-tches surround me
all my money goin’ to new clothes and wardrobe
so i can’t help but be fresher than downy
orange vlone like i’m straight out the county
louis vuitton don mixed up in givenchy
same way hennessy mix up in bacardi, haha
d-mn, so how the f-ck you gon’ stop me?

haha, i’ve been givin’ ’em 30 hours, haha
30 hours, haha, ayy
du-nu-nu, haha
aye, y’all like that out there?
been gamin’ for 30 hours
ayy, look, hah

[verse 2]
i run laps around these n-ggas in they school raps
i’m still d-gg-n’ with them cool cats
i’m still pretty when i sit back
i break your b-tch for the kit kat
you n-ggas broke, you can’t fix that
the compet-tion is a mismatch
you think it’s cool to f-ck with me on a bad day
and lately, i’ve been havin’ a lot of those
you p-ssy n-ggas so uptight
that if you put your big boy pants on
you’ll be rocking a camel toe
i’m such a animal
i’m such a cannibal
body parts in my danimals
i’m super radical
p-ssy, you not compatible
you n-ggas itch like rashes
you claim n-ggas’ after me, so call me cautious
them hoes used to laugh at me but now they askin’
the whereabouts to all my fashion
if we could have s-x on camera
like i don’t have real life standards
guess i don’t have real life standards, huh?

hahaha, f-ck n-gga
had to give these hoes 30 hours
30 hours, ah-uh-uh
du-nu-nu, hey, hey
had to give these hoes 30 hours
aye, should i give ’em a little more?
i should? bet, haha, look

[verse 3]
i’ma just go back in for another, huh
what’s the real definition of a brother?
relation by blood or relation by color?
hmm, man, i don’t give a f-ck
i’m just talkin’ to talk
this the talk of a boss
keep playin’ wit’ yo’ boy and i’ll be checkin’ yo’ pulse
probably put you in a hospital, p-ss on your bed
while you in a coma and your mama wait for results

haha, gang
had to give these n-ggas 30 hours
hah, 30 hours, hey, hey
du-nu-nu, yeah
had to give these n-ggas 30 hours
f-ck n-gga, haha
and we gone

30 hours
30 hours