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juicy j – can’t stop us lyrics


[verse 1]

keep hustlin’ bruh, mhm
never give up (you know it)
keep gettin’ paper…
it’s hard times, n-ggas be loosin’ they mind
out here merking other n-ggas because they lost they shine
my old man told me “these the last days”
errbody tryna get money at a fast pace
at any rate, my enemy ain’t necessary
i’mma take–errthing that a n-gga work hard for
i’m getting money while you n-ggas acting hardcore
being famous, what these young n-ggas strive for
they real, showin stress while these n-ggas smoking marlboro’s
a lot of homies costin’ homies triple trillion n-ggas
f-ck n-gga, call off, and we sprayin’ n-ggas
never be no gun play, a youngin’ with a throw-away
hit a n-gga with a five-k, leave you in your driveway
my pockets felt like biggie, but i’m still chasing
i can barely see you haters, all i want is paper
real money, that’s all i can think of making (b-tch!)
real trippy n-gga, this a money nation (trippy!)
old money, spending three-six checks
and i’m still goin’ hard like i ain’t paid yet
bought a couple cars (uh)
got a couple of cribs (cribs)
f-cked a bunch of movie stars, this the life i live (life i live!)
these rappers falling off, going bankrupt (yup)
but me, i got a million ways to stack my change up! (you know it!)
don’t a day go by, a n-gga don’t eat
a memphis legend countin’ money.. t-g-o-d!

[hook x2]

they can’t stop a real hustler from getting guap
they gon’ down the block, we open up another spot (we open)
they can’t stop a real d-boy from shinin’
they lock a n-gga up, we jump out grindin’
they can’t stop a real pimp from pimpin’ hoes, cus
pimpin’ goes on in all area codes (ike turner)
they can’t stop us! [x4]