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juicy j – tha backyard lyrics


red rum on my mind, and my system full of chronic
check on the lap and the redbull in my stomach
wild wild westwood, n-ggas love to ride
weedie, john, vito, we go, back to the hood westwood i said
whenever i got static get the a-k with the infrared
i’m makin’ hoes drop like a sniper
b-tches talkin’ sh-t i won’t hesitate to strike her, down
actin’ like a psycho from that buddah
homicide’s a k!lla because homicide’s a shoota
n-i-double g-a number 9 is a k!lla
bruno with the c-t-o and thats on the forilla
n-ggas dyin’ 9 mm sh-lls are flyin’
through a n-ggas dome, now the morgue is there home
blown away by a the k, 47 reason 50 sh-lls i can spray
ay homicide ain’t got no static
n-gga 9 never havin’ no problem
pollute got the 4-5 automatic
for the b-tches always tryin’ to come hard son
this is the backyard

[n-gga 9]
ay let n-gga 9 on this motherf-cker
s-t-h-m-e-m; where i come from
time for some action, one for all, all for one
the back yard thicker than a constipated pigeon
droppin’ bombs like eggs from a chicken
i know a girl named nina, black cougar, got 17 kids last name lou
pollute in the house, can you dig it?
droppin’ marks of like baridi
a drive a-by comin from i kick ya head f-ckin loose
from my so notty notty notty notty dreads
long duece, south park, westwood trigga lota dead
you thicker than this sh-t, i can’t tell
gangsta black’ll whoop that b-tch
flipin n whoopin n scr-pin n dumpin motherf-ckers in the ditch, chyea
it don’t get no deeper, you gettin weaker
put up your guard, this is the backyard

[juicy j]
mothaf-ckin sh-t don’t stop
gangsta blac drop this sh-t

[gangsta blac]
i’m totally insane
i’m loosin’ my f-ckin mind
my eyes are gettin bigger, i think that i’m goin blind
the dope is in my veins, my mind it just can’t hang
i’m loosin’ my way of speach, i’m talkin’ alot of slang
i slip off all in a daze my thoughts they back track
my theory is gangsta k!ll while sippin’ on similac
i’m loosin a lot of a weight, a drug addict no i ain’t
my momma she died clean, my father i have to thank
i’m raised up a b-st-rd child, and that’s why i’m hostile
the patience i have none, a menace since ?
created a gangsta see, now memphis don’t want me
eventual criminal, i’m fightin’ my enemy
my cap is to the side, a war is bout to start
a gangsta gets in the house, i’m flexin’ with backyard

[juicy j]
godd-mn we gunna take a trip to black haven
k!llaman drop that sh-t

[d.j. paul]
it’s the motherf-ckin back yard crew ho
1234 hundred motherf-kers at your door
you gotta go ain’t a mothaf-ckin thang changed
still kickin my hat to the right
but some little gang n-ggas wanna fight
but back to the subject of the other ho
i got em switched you play me ruthless
i can’t tell b-tch
the sh-t is too mothaf-ckin thick
the backyard is too mothaf-ckin hard