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juicy j – you don’t know lyrics


the streets is down to ride when it’s on (when it’s on)
talking how you talking, get you gone (get you gone)
you don’t know my n-gga, you don’t know (you don’t know)
you don’t know my n-gga, you don’t know (you don’t know)
i been getting money from before (from before)
matter of fact, get my money out the floor (out the floor)
you don’t know my n-gga, you don’t know (you don’t know)
you don’t know my n-gga, you don’t know (you don’t know)

[verse 1]
the streets ain’t never been hidin, we riding
duct tape on a licence plate when we see a n-gga sliding
choppers in the window when we find him
it’s money to be made when we find him
dinner on me at benihana’s
just rapping, and i seen three commas
f-cking bad b-tches in they v-g-n-s
juicy mane, be honest
my .45 is harmonic
weed, buying more chronic
my prada suit is black diamond
tired of sh-tting on n-ggas, i’m bout to vomit
champagne with my omelet
they say i’m still using ebonics
but i’m still capping these commas
n-ggas think that they nino
juicy man got a ego
bet your life in my casino
my cuban link is a kilo
got a mansion out in the valley, i still keep my heat on
too many diamonds and rupees in my chains, looking like hot cheetos


[verse 2]
it ain’t no n-gga like me
who still spending millions from the ’90s
i can spend my own millions just to sign me
walking in the white house in a black tee
get lost in my time piece, my wrist priced out the bugatti
icing on the cake with the glaze on
i be at the oscars with my jays on
watcha saying homes?
i be in the kitchen with the good sh-t
getting my bobby flay on
duffel bag in the ferrari
top down, switching foreign lanes on a friday
baddest b-tches, erotic. blowin’ light cause i got it
if my goons knew how to swim they’d be sharks mixed with piranhas
fashion shows out in paris, all my weed is designer
i don’t talk business on the phone
if the money ain’t texting i ain’t home
it’s not up to me how your b-tch getting home, i f-cked her
she just wanted juicy on the night that you loved her
knock knock, n-gga don’t you dare
n-ggas in the gr-ss with their choppers in the air


[verse 3]
crack a n-gga head with the ace of spades
worldstar put you on the front page
congratulations, you finally made it
p-ssy n-gga, you finally famous
these rap n-ggas, these rap n-ggas
in real life ain’t moving sh-t
half the sh-t just sound good
you n-ggas living in a movie clip
20 years in, you new to this
i’m a shark n-gga, you a tuna fish
all my cars got smart start
d-mn b-tch, i’m stupid rich
stupid b-tch, that’s h-lla paid
promethazine in my lemonade
got a private loft in mia
no compet-tion i’m in my lane