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juicyfur – enóument lyrics


all the plans that i have
through the streets we walk
only worrying about me and you
once i was alone now we’re two

turning around to find my path
a discomfort rises in me
is this all the time i have
what i’ve been through
what i am going through

i’m not alone here, and i don’t know what to do
i can’t find myselv

memorized but decieved, live my life shrouded in misery
caught up with my delusions
i’m gonna make it
i know i’m gonna make it

but i’m new here, and i don’t know what to do
i don’t care
cause i’m new here
and i ain’t got nothing to lose
i’m right here, oh right here

hey, you stranger, how could you see in the dark
the p-ssage that we walk through
i am going alone
no one can stop me now

who am i to cast you
put life into bad use
when i am dead
i can rest, i can rest