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july crisis – ’til i lost control lyrics


you always said that you hated when
people told you about the things you’ve done wrong

to me it’s worse if you’re all alone
and all mistakes you’ve made hits you all alone

for every door i walked around
another door was what i found

i tried to read, tried to +n+lyze
everything you did and all what you said
if i could go out of my head for a while and let the heart make all decisions instead
i thought that i could make you shiver…
with every line that i delivered

now i see, now i realize, that you are chanceless if you don’t take a chance
and you can go on yourown for a while, but in the end you gonna have to take a stance
no one’s going to apologize…
cause you fell on your own advice
every night let our minds float away
oh, you can find another reason to stay!
do you remember all the distance we walked?
and how it made us to the persons we are…
where did you go and what did you see
did you discover that you had a new role?
post the cards to the places we’ll be there i was ’til i lost control
here i am, here i throw the dice, ’cause i need to make it all up today…
and i don’t want to be the one to blame
and that’s the reason i won’t do it my way…
tie my hands around this pole…
and leave me here to lose control…