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jw grape – gttm freestyle lyrics



ayy, ayy, pass the blunt
imma spit one time, look

b+tch we gttm, we get to the money
b+tch we big die m, them n+ggas funny
got a glock, it’ll spray, trust me when i rap this
hit a bnu with the k, bring him to his nap p+ss
she twerking on me, let me hit her from the back, sh+t
when she sucked on my d+ck, i knew she was a rachet
but that was my baby tho, ofc she went and left
but i don’t need her or anybody, i just need respect
i just need these drugs, but i don’t really need em tho
i just need to focus, get cheese like cheetos hoе
sorry if that’s disrespectful, but i’m getting monеy hoe
i don’t care if you ice spice, you not stopping my flow
but right after i’m done, she can get it in her hole
sh+t feels devastating, lost my homies to that black hole
but we on timing, edk, k!lling dann’s klan bro

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