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jxdchive – tyme! lyrics


uh, huh
go, go, go, go, go, go, go

baby it’s time to go
i gotta head out and go a lil’ show, uh
and you not like other hoes
i done bossed up, might put you in a rolls, uh
ride the boat, bae you know you gon’ row
light skin, brown hair, with that pretty ass nose
i’m really creepin’ on the low
i can’t tell her that, no i can’t let her know

know i gotta stay ten toes
even with immunity, can’t snitch on the bros
h+ll nah, i can’t switch on the bros
this sh+t too easy, berleezy, somebros
this sh+t my specialty, i’m in my mode
that b+tch is ugly she look like a toad

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