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jzac – warning! lyrics


yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
what’s hap’?
it’s jzac
we got some bars written on, written on paper
old school
n0body, n0body does this anymore

godd+mn, i am a beast
i’m a minimalistic artistic twisted son of a b+tch going ballistic
told her, “you can hop off of these nuts and this d+ck”
this d+ck, boy, you talkng to it
stupid+ass, what, i gotta walk you through it?
where the passion at? put some spark into it
come on, dawg, ain’t n0body putting bark into it
i’m ion that diy sh+t, me, oh my
and i ball like jim on that we fly high sh+t
are you getting the message? it’s crystal
i don’t carry a pistol, don’t bear arms
but i hit ’em with bare arms and fists though
these rappers leaving me p+ssed so
got another email, ah, wanna hit mе on a feature
thinking that i do this for the lеisure, ah
man, no wonder why these dudes get seizures, ah
2015, gotta think more proper
think more smarter, drink more agua
think more smarter, think more smarter
think about it, dawg, think more smarter
i’m a winner, i ain’t settling for nothing but a w
double up the syllables and [?]
done it on the humble, one hundred, i swear i done it, dude
dodada dada d+dada d+da da do
i f+cked up, but i’m still okay
too sick, don’t ask if i feel okay
and don’t ever, ever ask if i’m real, okay?
got this sh+t undercover like pillowcase
i’m a new age freak on some 90s sh+t
while these industry dudes pulling slimy sh+t
wanna sign me? fine
give me hundred million dollar and a helicopter i can ride around in pr+nto
got fans out of toronto, chicago
europe, then out to [?], yeah i’m dope
that’s a clarification
tell me i ain’t dope while you stare at my face
yeah, you can’t do it
woo, woo, woo!
you can’t do it
aight, let me breathe

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