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k.a.a.n. – amateurs lyrics


yes lord
knowledge, n-gg-
cliff on the beat
pay attention

this sh-t is not for no amateurs
go put my life on the camera , camera
i’m tryin make me a movie
i can only tell the truth see
n-body did this sh-t for me
i don’t make excuses i just make it happen
i got to much on my mind it gets harder to focus when i feel distracted

this sh-t is not for no amateurs
go put my life on the camera , camera
i demand your respect
all i want is love and the check
i give a f-ck if you [?]

this sh-t is not for no amateurs
go put my life on the camera

[verse 1]
pick a different artist don’t compare to me
apparently the [?] they will try to repeat
i make a point let them see it
they can never reach my level
that’s another lesson learn to better take it to hustle
part of my power when i p-ss through
manifest every thought with a man do
you looking at me like my n-gg- how are you feeling there
i can switch it up and try to bring the vision back
i can make them realize i got a sicker vibe
you want a story and i’ll be giving you the whole truth
you look surprised that they ever let the boy loose
i said i’m moving on the beat they see he keep it real
i can never do this sh-t to get a record deal
i just want the recognition that i never have
why are you giving me opinions like i asked for
oh i need more stance in my p-ssport
boy you know i got to work cause i’m that boy
but that sh-t don’t matter
they watch me climb up the ladder
i missed a step and i fell
flat on my face i feel like i fail
i can’t prevail
all of these vultures are around me
they just want a piece
please keep your hands out of my pocket
this sh-t turn me bitter
i’m praying for death for the rest of these n-gg-s


[verse 2]
difference in the way i deliver a message
a metaphor, mortify , i’m more then fine
i told a line , but what i find is that they are all fake
you motherf-kers are pushing me in a wrong way
i told them once that i don’t care about a single soul
n-gg-s are looking at me but i doubt you really know
b-tch [?] give and go
came back up in this motherf-cker two times
got me feeling like a poet , nikki giovanni
verify a lot of vices that had no advice
i’m operating like i’m isis i got to blow
they want the realest of n-gg-s that ever did this
[?] the sk!ll but they want a melody
but instead i give many very mast potential
a whole lot of pain coming out a n-gg- pencil
but if you ask me that sh-t is so instrumental
at least to the process at least to the progress
believe that i could be anything that i want
even though these n-gg-s told me i couldn’t make it
never hesitate but i made a way
i said i will always will
it’s like i never feel
i’m just emotional-less and f-cking heartless
murder a beat at my leisure and leave the procession
like ready to party