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k.a.a.n. – soul lyrics



[verse 1:]
the mastermind is back
my flow i’m never forcing it
i’m putting you n-gg-s to sleep when i get on a beat like i’m that the kevorkian
they better proceed
with caution
i was just countin’ my losses
giving a vision i really comprised
i’m making it real, in front of your eyes
develop a plan
that we strategize
you want my demise, i bet you decide
to antagonize and try to divide
i’m keeping those n-gg-s away from my side
i’m saying what you really gotta do when you intrigue
with the way a motherf-cker do it properly
there ain’t no way a p-ssy mothaf-cker stopping me
i said the flow is similar an anomaly
what i got to be, is one dope mc
that’s necessary and legendary
wonder why a n-gg- livin with an att-tude
but that’s hereditary
your opinion varies
and the people base it off of a few facades
was a euphemism, but no you forgot
no, we should be ashamed
and ask for repentance
if you play that back, then i could [?] a sentence
in a f-cking minute
i am so demented
i will cut my wrist till the pain was in it
i was problematic when i needed help
and i pray to god, to find a sense of self
and i
know i never found, but became more grounded
livin in a puddle of tears and i was drowning
i put it on a page, amazed, and i’m astounded
to find what it means to really be well rounded

sledge made the mothaf-cking beat
that’s it
ight let’s do it

[verse 2:]
i keep it honest in my rhymes
that’s all that i can do
as i provide the truth
but what’s the use
it’s hopeless for the youth
we live in a world, where n-body cares
and i realize that n-body is there
i’m [?]
i’m making it clear
i’m working to overcome all of my fears
surp-ssing the mothaf-ckin b-st-rd boy
you wanna rap, with the past
i give you this p-ssion
i preach to the m-sses
you would’ve never matched
but everything a n-gg- ever did was a cl-ssic
a drastic change
and i can make it stop fast
ima stop in my position when the people can’t p-ss
with it all in the pain
this mothaf-cker is manson
i still wanna die, what the f-ck you really asking
i’ve been trying to pray
but the sh-t don’t work
renaissance 15
but it still don’t hurt
god d-mn young man
what is your self-worth
sh-t i probably couldn’t find it even if i looked
i take a deep breath
i set my regress
regroup and expect
to be a reject
my pain to deflect
a moment to reflect
gotta put it on a page
prepare the concept
and i
wanna make sure the music is real
providing a product that people can feel
it’s all independent i don’t have a deal
but i have been dependent on vices that k!ll
i pray that the lord has forgiven it all
i’m doing the most, proposing a toast
i’m drinking it all
till i’m comatose