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k – traptic lyrics


pop itx3
baket it up yeh i cakes it
kizzy k now in the booth
look at my grillz yeh i iced out

f-cking your b-tch she be thouting
can’t caff her she no wife the booty to loose like she bouces it.f-ck a b-tch then i leave
yeh she be calling me the magician

get in the car with double pipes
two watches like i’m maradona
my clothes be messy, swagged up painted upx3

got amniser with these hoes
first i f-ck then forget
.mmmm smoking a blunt sippin on lean purple and green yea that’s the sh-t
popping a glock yea sms
sending my shoots
dead on the on the sport

purple sh-t it’s my life
lean sleep
look at my shoes i’m freshed it
i don’t speak i just flex
i’m a chain i’m a choker
i ain’t rich yea i’m boujee
don’t need stack got racks
kizzy k got the keys

ivy dew