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kahary – seattle lyrics


i want a crib in seattle it’ll go up in value. it’s time to boss up, i got to do better. hiphop not dead yall not looking for it. im ready for the day y’all dig what i record


i’m cool with bumping my head on the way up. learn lessons and progress to get better brah. focused on myself and i’m bossing up. long term mindset ima thug out. the road to success is my whereabouts. i speak for the real no what i’m talmbout. this dopeness is being spread around by word of mouth. another year a higher level, take it to the clouds. you know small wins build up over time. i rather get rich off of rhymes than the crime. i just wanna play this smart and use my mind. create dope art and up my grind


n+ggas claiming hiphop dead but we still here. can’t stunt i rather drink wine i don’t do the beer. i wanna make songs with some of my favorite artist. who had influence on me ever since i was a younging. located in md and ima do it big. shout out my brother brandon yea that’s my nig. not wishing on a star ima get rich. with this music and clothes ima hit a l!ck. 3 pillars of wealth yea n+ggas that’s next. pay your bills, stack up, find a way to invest. every day we wake up and we see ourself. work toward your dreams so later you won’t regret