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ka$hsaint - why/worse feat. ybg lyrics


[part i]

[intro: yuji itadori & ka$hsaint]
(mm, mm, mm)
ay (yeah)

[verse: ka$hsaint]

and raph still a short ‘lil b+tch, ay
and how come every time i f+ck ybg my d+ck always itch? (grr, bow)

[verse: youngbasedgo]

you might be on the list
yeah, , he might just catch a diss
my latest b+tches hate me
you fat as sh+t like lacy
my brain be feelin’ hazy, i think it’s on a fritz
ybg got no misses

[bridge: ka$hsaint & youngbasedgo]

rockin’ number 9,
got my new b+tch naked in the bed rockin’ calvin klein

[verse: youngbasedgo]
rockin’ calvin klein with a new b+tch that hate me
she asked if i love her, i told that b+tch “maybe”
i’m gettin’ money, this sh+t is crazy
just wait till i lock in, right now i’m just lazy
i made it, take it, might be the greatest
your b+tch like my car but said yours is basic
racin’, makin’, might be undertakin’
rudy’s on my left in the v and i’m shakin’
rudy’s on my left in the v eatin’ benibachi
she got friends, but she only f+ck with me
she wetter than the sea, she wanna let me see
she top #1 but she need to top me

[part ii]

[intro: ka$hsaint]
(oh yeah, ay, yeah)
(yeah, uh, alright, yeah)
[verse: ka$hsaint]
having the baddest b+tch make me feel g+y ’cause no other girl attractive
me and rudy still get active, still sippin’ activist
klaw don’t be streaming no more, ay, i wonder where he is
remember he used to keep 1 of 1, just like wizz
every time she get mad, she block me
they say i ain’t making it to the top, then b+tch, stop me
b+tch, stop me, ay
can’t keep luh rudy off that [?]
, that ain’t good for him

like a house with no lights, rudy been lookin’ dim (d+mn, )
for the worse (d+mn!)

[verse: youngbasedgo]
for the worse, for the worse
and i chat like windhurst_
don’t think i’m hungry, i just got a little thirst
me and rudy thought that+ ay
me and rudy thought that this sh+t was a curse
she told me i’m the worst
i thought i’m at my lowest, but she told me it get worse
for the worse
i’m really chasin’, really chasin’ for the purse
she got no clothes on, i just told her “take my shirt.”
i said i’m leaving, she said i’ve got some nerve
got some nerve, got some nerve
she call me mikey, but she gotta call me first
if i’m not first, i don’t think we converse
that’s the worst
[verse: ka$hsaint & youngbasedgo]
shoutout luh rudy,

luh rudy, this one for you, i’ma let you know
let you know that she f+ck them x and o’s
medico on the floor with the rest [?]
now i know why rudy only f+ck with snow
swear this like [censored] 2.0

[outro: yugi2x]
(i like singing)
(i like singing)
(i like singing)

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