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kai straw – duelism [sic] lyrics


when death’s young like a blunt to the wind
life’s dark like the sky when the sun wasn’t in
like in a car crash, the kids all p-ss
was it god or the devil causin’ all that
pause and solve that, tell me was it god or
the devil in their alcohol takin’ harbor
or a martyr, k!lled for his beliefs
was it god or the devil that choked him in his sleep
see, i wrote god and the devil wrote back
so i called for a demon and an angel showed up
now when i make hits like i’m sammie sosa
is it jehovah? or lucifer playin’ poker
but i oppose that, me and god are kosher
but i got devil in my sleeve sayin’, “so what
it’s me in what i wrotcha”, i think it’s all good willed
who knows, maybe it’s the devil makin’ moves still

i use water to bake my fire
i see truth in the speak of a liar
is that the devil or god?

dead men tell no tails full of bills
[be]cause bills suck life, superst-tion of a still
p-ssin’ on a mill, [be]cause the devil’s in the silk
of a man who lost to a handful of pills
but what if that man’s death was a seed and it
freed all the people who were victim to his greed
was that god in a suicide?
or just the devil doin’ good, if he knew it or not
see, it all comes ’round like s-x on a turn pike
dark turns light when the moons bright
who’s right? devil or god, man, it’s all for a reason
you’d never like the weather if it never changed seasons
it’s all for the good of things
learn to tie a knot from trippin’ on your shoe strings
red’ll turn green when your mood swings
does it really matter what changed the color of your mood ring?


would it be worth it if the world was perfect?
would it make a chick take an apple from a serpent?
i -ssert that joy feels best after hurtin’
that’s why a cut wrist is an escape for a person
an escape for a person, to vacate as person
helps us love life when home base isn’t workin’
it’s a balance of hurting, lies and joyous evenings
you can’t appreciate the health without the bleeding
h-ll’s perceived to give a reason for the heavenly
just like a beat gives a reason for a melody
green’s for your celery, lies are for your newscast
red’s for your heartbeat, the truth is you’ll lose that
so, live faster, time’s an -ss-ssin
life’s a d-mn bully so stop livin’ p-ssive
love life’s bittersweet-ness from the vine
[be]cause you’re still gonna age when you whine