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kalter – of tears and blood lyrics


traveling through time on the ancient road
leaving trails of blood and sweat behind me
lianas lashing my face, no need to breath
my destiny unfolding before me

will i ever see your eyes again?
the smallest hope disappears

falling as i run, bleeding in the mud
trampling the gr-ss, shoving the trees
the scorching sun, nothing bothers me
even death won’t stop me in my quest

oh! angel from above
make my voice shrill beyond universe
you’re mine forever, whatever happens
i’m yours until the end

weeping tears of fury and wrath
bleeding rage across the path
running through time, ripping the wind
sooner or later, vengeance will be mine

invaders have trampled our land
only you, my love, know how they will regret
as hatred is growing into my mind
death will be spilled on betrayers

here i am, stronger than ever
fusing with the four elements

fear fills my spirit
and sadness fills my heart
death took your soul away
as life comes to an end

will you remember my name?
will you remember our dreams?
the last time you’ll ever blink your eyes

will you remember my face?
will you remember our past?
the last time you’ll ever kiss my lips

the end,
is here…