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kamrhin! – breathe! (feat. rick$tar) lyrics


[intro: kamrhin!]
said i cannot feel my face, i’m in the wraith push 108
baby i been doing great
don’t try to come back you gone f+ck up my week
know all of these n+ggas so weak
i’ll say it directly if i’m gonna speak
y’all just follow each other like sheep
you n+ggas some geeks cause it’s real od
shhh stay quiet, my n+ggas be causing a riot
like shhh, b+tch silence
n+gga play with me choppas get to firing
name a n+gga i can’t get much higher than
b+tch i’m balling i’ll never retire man
rolling packs help to fake me a smile d+mn
and i ain’t felt sh+t in a while d+mn

[verse 1: kamrhin!]
got sticks on me like taliban
n+ggas jealous of me cause my talent d+mn
got too much cash need a atm
she a high speed why she chasing him
i need millions fore i go, money just like chameleon when it show
they mad i been switching my flows
they thought they was k!lling him but they won’t
but they can’t, get his flank, put the guns in the back of the tank
make him sink, what you think
if he cross me he walking the plank
need a shank, that’s my poker
case i don’t got the gun in the holster
i can’t slow up, doing donuts, in the srt n+gga i go nuts
like jonas, b+tch imma stay with my brothers
we pressing up on him that boy getting smothered
i know she still love me and so does her mother
these n+ggas some opps, yea they real undercover
i know that i make it look easy but really this sh+t is just not what it seems
got your b+tch and she came to my team
like kd if he think he getting a ring
b+tch i’m moving just like a marine
too much water i know how to sink submarines
no, i do not need your summary
just let me be
n+gga let me breathe
and they screaming out mvp, got a thirty point lead on any team
and you know imma pour up the lean, my cup is so purple with red on beams
[bridge: kamrhin!]
let me be
just let me breathe
let me be
just let me breathe
let me be
just let me breathe
let me be
let me breathe

[verse 2: rick$tar]
chain on my neck, it’s a choker
if he run up imma poke him
baddie at my house i choke her
she always say i’m controlling
but baby you don’t know me
i stay by my lonely
i know you missing the old me
pour up a four, might od
slitting yo neck (so you can’t breathe)
tough on the net (you tough on a screen)
she wanna stay cause she topping the team
she wanna ride, so she riding with me
if you wanna die, then you dying to me
you said you hate but be dying to meet
got on the block and i wet it up, wet it up
he want some beef so i set him up, set him up
blood on my cleats i won’t let him up, let him up
foot on his neck saying (let me be, let me breathe)
creep in his house and put blood on his sheets
he talking guns it’s whatever to me
you talking cars i got several to me
you want some smoke, it’s wherever we meet
blow down your door when we shoot down your team

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